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At FUTURE-PROOFinc. we envision
a sustainable world in which individuals, communities and organizations thrive within nature’s limits.

FUTURE-PROOFinc. is a strategic consultancy. We help you to increase, sharpen and achieve your ambitions by providing new lenses to view your organization and the context in which you operate. We let you see significant risks, valuable possibilities and new pathways to strengthen and future-proof your organization. We create and deliver shared value using scientifically robust and business proven methods combined with a fresh approach, innovative tools and a strong international network.

Ourworld is rapidly evolving, becoming increasingly complex yet, is more transparent than ever. The current global developments provide challenges at regional and local level for societies, organisations and individuals. The sustainability challenge is global and consists of many interconnected issues. The global population will increase to 9 billion by 2050 and the demand for finite resources is growing exponentially.

Youand your business sector (or region) will be progressively impacted by resource scarcity, climate change, supply chain insecurity, stakeholder demands, increased regulations and rising costs for resources, insurance and finance and sustaining by itself is not enough. You and your business want to thrive. This drives change.

Wehelp our clients future-proof* their organization by building capacity in viewing, exploring and using sustainability and thrivability as magnets for successful innovation with a proven method and business case.

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* definition future-proof

Context-driven Innovation

Organisations involved in sustainability that want to be successful, should do so simultaneously and continuously in three areas:

  • awareness and understanding of their sustainability context;
  • think & act by using sustainability to strategically drive innovations and align initiatives; and
  • report their sustainability vision, strategy, performance and progress to engage with stakeholders.

Performing within only one or two is a prescription for suboptimal performance or even failure.

Performing well in all three areas bring a wide variety of benefits and prevent risks.

Risks of only partial performance include:

  • communications showing misunderstanding of sustainability and its effects on the operations vice versa;
  • missed innovation opportunities;
  • missed benefits from current efforts and investments; and
  • deemed effective solutions causing other problems elsewhere or at a later stage.

Organisations often see sustainability as one of the compliance topics and cost drivers on the already busy agenda. We unlock our clients’ potential by helping them view sustainability as an enabling strategy and use sustainability as a magnet for innovation. Sustainable innovations emerge through whole-systems thinking, outside-in perspectives and multidisciplinary approaches. By adopting a shared language and a clear definition of success we can help unleash the creative potential in the value chain.

Driven by different stakeholders, definitions, methods and frameworks of sustainability the variety of topics, efforts and investments are treated separately. Complex issues, such as sustainability, require a holistic, vision-driven, structured integral approach. Through a structured approach and with the appropriate set of business lenses we bring clarity to complexity, allowing organisations to be strategic, focus their resources on designing resilient, sustainable and future proof strategies, practices and products. In addition it will allow effective communication with stakeholders while bridging the sustainability gap. For our work we use our Context-driven innovation model, with the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD) at it’s core. FUTURE-PROOFinc. applies the Natural Step approach and is connected to The Natural Step The Netherlands.

Innovation requires understanding of your context, vision and stakeholder buy-in. Often, organisations operate and innovate their business without a clear understanding of what sustainability is, what success in sustainability is, or how to achieve this. We advise organisations on how to use their sustainability context to their advantage by applying it to their operations, product development, product innovation and business model innovation. Additionally, their contribution to un-sustainability will be reduced, or even eliminated.

Organisations recognize innovation as a core strategy for continuity and financial benefit of the organisation. However, what are the visions organisations innovate towards? We help organisations to create meaningful value by innovation towards sustainability, while simultaneously contributing to the bottom line. For those who do it right, investing in sustainability can reduce costs, lower risk, thrivability for their stakeholders, increase productivity and increase revenues and market share, creating both short-and long-term value.

Trust in organisations is eroding globally. With the mobile web as a driver for increasing transparency organisations are faced with changing stakeholder’ demands from a growing number of ‘aware’ consumers and investors, pressure from activist movements, increasing enforcement of law and regulations by both governments, NGO’s and media. FUTURE-PROOFInc. can help organisations show leadership and regain trust of their stakeholders by communicating effectively regarding sustainability, alignment of efforts and investments, seizing opportunities and mitigation of risks in the value chain and by being open about sustainability challenges. Furthermore, we help you empower stakeholders through engagement, building capacity and fostering dialogue while generating opportunities for co-creation, innovation and partnerships.

Not communicating your sustainability understanding, your efforts, investments and results will prevent you from reaping the benefits. Inadequate sustainability reports and product labels – that are missing the essence – cause further degradation of trust, as it is perceived as green washing. We help you to align your communication with your strategy and sustainability context to reap the benefits of your efforts.

Our mission is to future-proof individuals and their organizations by helping them understand and realize meaningful progress in order to accelerate change towards sustainability.

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