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In co-operation with TNS The Netherlands we developed and will deliver a 3-day course at La Salle Almere.

Sustainability as an Innovation Magnet

Sustainability as an Innovation Magnet is an intensive, hands-on executive course designed to let the participants learn how to develop and implement a sustainability strategy. The course has a holistic, science-based approach, and offers practical tools and methods that help companies/participants to embed innovative ideas, products and solutions and communicate more effectively with stakeholders. Download this information.

Course Dates

Tuesday 22nd of October 2013 and wednesday 23rd of October 2013, a follow-up day will be planned a few weeks later.

Sign up ** (Registration deadline: October 8th)

**Early bird price of €1500 for everyone who enrolls before September 22nd 2013.

The sustainability challenge is global and consists of many interconnected issues. Our world is rapidly evolving, becoming increasingly complex and radically more transparent. The global population will increase to 9 billion by 2050. The business sector will be progressively impacted by resource scarcity, climate change, supply chain insecurity, increased regulations and rising costs for resources, insurance and finance. By offering different mental models, the appropriate knowledge, tools and a strategic approach, participants will discover that sustainability is THE magnet for innovation.

About the course
This intensive 3-day course will help you link global challenges to how value is created in your organisation and hand you the appropriate sustainability lens and a set of tools to future-proof, or ensure the long-term viability of, your organisation in a changing world. This course will enable you to make better decisions and develop and implement meaningful strategies, practices and products with existing resources.

This course will be hosted by senior advisors from FUTURE-PROOFInc. and The Natural Step.

For more information:

To ensure all participants starting the course have a similar knowledge level, it is required that you participate in an online e-learning module 60-90min. Having this basic understanding makes it easier to go deeper into the content of the matter and to pay more attention to ‘hands-on’ capacity building. For more information about the e-learning course (Sustainability 101), go to:

This is an interactive participative course which was designed using a dialogue education approach with sample issues and practical exercises. We keep the presentations short and focused, and provide plenty of opportunities for you to apply what you’re learning and reflect upon it. This intensive 3-day course is split into 2 sections: one of 2 days and a follow up day a few weeks later. The course will be provided in English.

Course Syllabus
Below is a sampling of some of the key questions covered during this course
How will your organisation stay relevant in future markets that will dynamically change?
– How will your business sell more value while using fewer resources and ensure stakeholder well-being?
– How can you move beyond managing sustainability risks and compliance and view sustainability as an enabling strategy
that leverages new opportunities for profitability and personal growth?
– How can you leverage your stakeholders and let them help you to accelerate change?
– How can you connect your organizations’ product-service systems to fulfilling basic human needs and become beneficial
to society at large.

The course will help you to: understand the global sustainability context from a scientific perspective; analyse current operations, products and services of your organisation; design resilient strategies, plan and implement sustainable practices and innovations; and help you to communicate strategically and effectively with stakeholders.

A sampling of some of the knowledge and skills this course will bring you:
– Understanding of the sustainability challenge and the scientific basis of sustainability
– Ability to bridge the gap between environmental, social, and economic interests
– Construct a current reality assessment of the sustainability risks and opportunities of your organisation, products
or processes using a life-cycle thinking approach.
– Develop a common vision and strategic sustainability plan for your department or organisation
– Identify the necessary conditions for an effective implementation of your strategic sustainability action plan.
– Integrate sustainability and innovation into your policies, procedures, and decision making

Who should attend?
In General: Those that believe sustainability is the key to unlocking value and want to ensure their company’s long-term success in an increasingly resource-constrained world. The course was designed for a broad audience, from Business, to NGO’s and government.


Those who are responsible for, or involved with, sustainability (or CSR) in their organisation or want to be in the future:
– Executives
– Policy makers
– Managers
– Corporate and SME CSR practitioners
– Intrapreneurs
– Entrepreneurs
– Consultants
– Designers

The course is open to a maximum of 25 participants from both profit and non-profit organisations.

All participants completing the training successfully will receive a TNS Level 1 participation certificate, which is globally recognized and which unlocks access to e.g. TNS Level 2.

NB: Ideal group size is between 12 and 25 participants. Course will be open only if the minimum number of participants has been achieved. All registered participants will be informed about the go/no go decision the latest 24 hours after the module registration deadline via e-mail. Where relevant, participants are kindly requested not to book their flights or accommodation until formal go decision has been received.


€ 1700,- **

**Early bird price of €1500 for everyone who enrolls before September 22nd 2013.

Signup can be done at the La Salle course page.

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