Sustainability as an innovation magnet

Sustainability journey with distinct levels

We wrote an article for the American Alliance for Museums (AAM) describing a graphical overview of our view on Evolution in Sustainability thinking and organisational involvement. It advocates systems thinking and the use of science based principles when addressing sustainability in the organisation and its value chain. It was published in the August 2013 edition of the PIC Green Newsletter of the American Alliance for Museums (AAM) and was sent to their members in the USA.

Sustainability, stewardship, green design, social responsibility – many interpretations of the same topic – are all gaining prominence in the operations of today’s leading organizations. Linked to the topic of sustainability are numerous concepts, tools, labels, certification programs, frameworks, as well as measurement, management and reporting systems.

How do you see the forest through all the green trees? (Read on in below Slideshare…)

(Co-authored with Michiel Doorn)


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