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SGA events – Munich

In the last couple weeks we had two major events in Munich, Germany, with our Sustainable Growth Associates colleagues, presenting our story of two fast approaching, powerful waves, being the “Sustainability” and the “Technology Acceleration” wave.

The first event was the European School Science Symposium, a competition open to students of the European Schools organization. Some 150 students, 14 to 18 years old, presented their very intriguing science projects. We were not only member of the jury but also gave the presentation during the closing ceremony titled “Sustainability & Technology – Friends or Foes?”. Needless to say that we put The Natural Step on stage as well when presenting the framework. The feedback was excellent, with also members of the science community approaching us afterwards, stating that they learned something new. More important though was the students feedback, who not only were inspired by the content but just as much by the way it was presented. We received a letter of recommendation by the European School Munich, which we are going to publish soon on our SGA website.

The second event was a 3-hour workshop which we conducted in cooperation with Munich Network, an organization carried by high tech companies from all over Germany. The workshop targeted entrepreneurs and comprised an extended version of our 2-wave story for inspiration, a world café session building on it, and an exemplary case study. Once again we spent significant time to put our strategic sustainability framework on the spot. For this event we also enjoyed excellent support from our Italian friends – Nativa.

We like to emphasize that the promising feedback we have received so far is the result of a clear team effort. With Edwin Janssen from the Netherlands, Antonio Vasconcelos from Portugal,  Dorothea Ernst, Dirk Uhlemann and Rüdiger Röhrig from Germany, all present during the Munich Network Event, we not only showed a clear commitment to our cause, we also presented ourselves as an organization, cooperating in a most efficient and effective way on an international level.

Thanks to all of you great and inspiring people out there for making that possible.

SGA Team
Antonio, Dirk, Dorothea, Edwin, Rüdiger

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