Sustainability as an innovation magnet


In order to provide insights into the current societal and ecological impacts we make use of a method called SLCA or sometimes triple-SLCA. The S stands for Strategic, Streamlined and Sustainable as it provides insights which give strategic guidance for innovation, comprehensible for all and making use of an understanding of full sustainability. Having a good understanding of how a product violates each of the 4 sustainability principles provides insights into product and business risks and opportunities for innovation.

With our method and online innovation platform we empower people and organisations to radically innovate products and services. It allows you to assess the ‘sustainability maturity’ of products and collaborate with colleagues across the organisation and the value chain. With sustainable innovation risks for profit, people an planet are mitigated, thereby future-proofing their businesses. Our methods and tools have been applied in fashion, food, construction, cosmetics, chemicals and services and align perfectly with other tools for innovation and transformation of management and operational practices and performance.

Here is an overview of our competences, methods and tools.


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